Welcome to Tioman Grow

Hello and welcome to our Plaform TIOMAN GROW; build for smallholder farmers to enable you to grow better crops, increase yeilds and make more income.  I am very proud of our team and the energy that has got us this far to lauch.  We are a team of individuals that are passionate about farming, growing and technology and know that farming is very important.  Tthis platform will bring you all together from all over the world to share the knowlege, ask questions to each other and our farming mentors.

I have spent the last 10 years travelling all over the world especially in rural villages in Africa providing solar home systems (SHS's), and mini-grids to communities that are off the grid.  Many of our customers are farmers and have asked me to assist them with farming and I took this information and now I bring you Tioman Grow.  Tioman's mantra is one very close to my heart #contribute2change everyone says let's change the world but really no-one can change the world especially on their own.  However, we can contribute to change.

The photograph is of me with some of the children from a village that I spent a considerable amount of time at in the North of Nigeria.  These children are our future and I saw their parents working extremly hard in the fields to provide them with food an education and some small home conforts.  They struggled daily to provide the basic esentials of food and clean water.This is going to change by sharing and growing better crops.

Its for our farmers, your platform so make it yours and tell us what you need and we will continue to make the necessary changes and information that you require along the way. This is your first step in joining our community and our journey, so let's now grow together. If you have any suggestions or ideas please do not hestiate to contact me at polly@tiomangroup.com.

Kind wishes,

Polly Galita

#changemaker #contribute2change


Polly Galita CEO/Founder TIOMANgroup #contribute2change