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  • Welcome everyone to the Tioman Group Global Group we have made it easier for everyone to join and participate now in our groups so please continue to invite fellow smallholders and people interesting in agriculture and feeding the world. Let us make sure that everyday we all #contribute2change
  • Hello everyone am Steven agronomist working for Osho chemicals Zambia limited looking forward to learn and share knowledge.
    • Welcome to our platform
  • hellow Tomain grow, can we have fund from you, we are Tanzanians, (group of five members) linking our skills and dealing with farming, from University, and we are offering skills and better ways of farming for insuring and increasing quality and quantity of production in farming basis...
  • Welcome to all our new members
  • Moringa Oleifera is a medium-sized evergreen tree that is native to Africa and Asia. Also known as The Moringa Tree, the Drumstick Tree or The Miracle Tree, it has been prized by traditional societies for centuries thanks to its exceptional medicinal properties.

    Every part of the moringa tree is valuable: its seeds can be used to purify water; its bark, roots and flowers all have incredible medicinal properties and its leaves are one of the most nutrient-dense foods on the planet.

    Moringa the Miracle Tree

    Moringa Oleifera trees are native to Africa and Asia. They are drought-resistant, have exceptionally deep roots and can grow in a wide variety of soils, meaning they thrive in even the most harsh conditions.

    Moringa trees grow extremely fast: in fact once planted, they reach full maturity in just 9 months. Moringa leaves can be harvested just 6-8 weeks after planting and then once they are harvested, they immediately regrow so 6-8 weeks later they can be harvested again.

    Moringa trees are also perennial, so a single plant can be harvested year after year. They provide a year round source of income for the communities that grow them and help reverse problems of deforestation.
    • Interested growing this tree, in our land is doing so good...
    Moringa Oleifera: discover the Miraculous Moringa Tree
    Moringa oleifera is one of nature's greatest miracles. Discover the medicinal properties of its leaves. Shop Aduna's Moringa Oleifera Powder now!
  • Hi,every one !
    Am an advocate of moringa tree in Africa
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Welcome to Grow Global

Hello everyone, Thank you for joining our platform and the Tioman Grow Global Group.  This group is for everyone on the platform to ask questions to other smallholder farmers who might be the otherside of the world.  Please use this platfrom we have just added a new feature today if you use the HELP on teh bar on the left menu you can post photos of issues that you might be having with crops and animals. I am so very much looking forward in assiting all of our farmers all over the world to grow…

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