Banana Plantation Angola

Hello fellow Tioman Grow Members,

I wanted to share this photograph with you it was when I was on a farm in rural Angola it took us 6 hrs to get to this farm and 3 hours on bumpy roads which we are all very familar with.  This was when I first started thinking about how I could do something with farmers which was nearly 3 years ago.  These farmers are amazing they have wonderful Bananas and oranges the problem they have is how to get their products to market and they have no mobile network. 

We will help farmers all over the world with not just our platform but people on the ground so if you do not have internet or a phone our Agents will assist. 

We have people to assit as mentors, problems with crops and also financial assitance for farmers, we can also help you with your business plans.

So post something, let's learn about each other and grow together believe me I am with the team at Tioman so very passionate to make this happen and anyone that knows me personally can tell you this is the truth best, Polly #contribute2change

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  • very beautiful and health looking bananas there,,,its a good variety,I believe they can do very well under good management with rightful spacing, weed free field,controlled pest and enough monitoring.

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