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Jul 16, 2019
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Apr 9, 2019

Unprecedented drought will endanger the food supply for tens of millions of Africans in the coming months – and the link to climate change is increasingly clear.

Eight months after the cyclone, Oscar Eugenio is still on the precarious edge of disaster. “Some days we have food,” he says. “And some days we do not.”

His small farm in northern Mozambique was among the thousands destroyed by the two devastating cyclones that hammered the country within the space of a few weeks – an…

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Focusing on smart agriculture across Africa

More developing countries urgently need insurance to cushion their farmers against weather extremes that can worsen poverty, but it is no magic bullet to ward off the escalating impacts of climate change, experts say.

The burning question of how to stop drought becoming a major crisis – especially in Africa – has caused many to eye insurance as a possible answer.

“People think sometimes that insurance is the solution for everything. It is not correct,” said Mohamed Beavogui,…

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Rwanda to cease importation of maize seeds by 2020

The Permanent Secretary at the Ministry of Agriculture and Animals Resources Jean-Claude Musabyimana has said that the local seeds production strategy in place will see Rwanda totally stop the importation of maize seeds by 2020.

He said this on Friday evening during an end of year party organised by USAID-funded project dubbed ‘Feed the Future HingaWeze project’.

Musabyimana said that the local seed production strategy focuses on eight crops that include maize, wheat, soya,…

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Soil erosion is a natural process, but the rate at which it is occurring due to the impact of human intervention is unsustainable.

Conservation agriculture (CA) can reduce soil erosion, and by making use of existing research South Africa will be able to save millions of hectares of land that are required for food production to feed the increasing population.

This was according to Michael Kidson, chief research technician at the Agricultural Research Council’s (ARC) Institute…

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Characterization of mixed farms - Chapter 1

Many farmers in tropical and temperate countries survive by managing a mix of different crops and/or animals. The best known form of mixed farming is when crop residues are used to feed the animals and the excreta from the animals are used as…

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