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Mastercard and Rabobank have partnered to give 1 million farmers in emerging markets access to a digital platform to enable transparency of their financial transactions.

The Mastercard Farmer Network (MFN) platform allows farmers to have an overview of their payment history. Having gone live in 2015, the network has so far reached more than 250,000 farmers in Uganda, Tanzania and India. The companies will now extend the scope and impact of the financial inclusion – defined as having…

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Ghana to end importation of rice by 2022

Deputy Minister of Food and Agriculture, Kennedy Nyarko Osei, has revealed that Ghana is working around the clock to cease the importation of rice in the county based on the recent projections.

According to him, the government is already working hard to ensure that rice imports will come to an end by 2022.

It follows the success chalked as the country did not import maize between January and September this year due to increased local maize production.

Speaking in an…

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Livestock farming is an investment which most of us venture in because we have seen and heard how successful other farmers are doing. I have seen and heard of many prospective farmers who have obtained loans to start livestock enterprises but have ended up defaulting loan payments because it turned out NOT to be what they expected.

All businesses look excellent on paper, and numbers are very attractive for people to invest. However, this does not mean that things are all rosy in…

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The World Food Prize Foundation and the newly launched World Hunger Fighters Foundation are partnering to provide year-long fellowships for young African food innovators and entrepreneurs.

The World Hunger Fighters Foundation will award annual Borlaug-Adesina Fellowships to young Africans to develop new technologies, champion public policy, and develop viable businesses in the field of agriculture. The young leaders will gain experience in international agriculture research centres,…

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Characterization of mixed farms - Chapter 1

Many farmers in tropical and temperate countries survive by managing a mix of different crops and/or animals. The best known form of mixed farming is when crop residues are used to feed the animals and the excreta from the animals are used as…

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