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Oct 29


Smallholder farming is key to job creation

It is no secret that agriculture contributes the bulk of Kenya’s exports and that the European Union (EU) is the biggest export market for Kenyan horticultural products. But still there is enormous untapped potential for Kenyan products to access other high-value markets and for job creation in line with the Big Four agenda.
So how then do we match the export potential with job creation? The government’s new forward-looking strategy in the agricultural sector; ‘The Agriculture Sector…

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VOSBURG, South Africa — Residents call this drought-stricken community a "forgotten town."

The flat, dusty roads to Vosburg are surrounded by withered fields. The streams feeding the community of a few thousand people have gone dry. Signs warn drivers of wandering cattle and sheep but there are none in sight.

The months-long drought is affecting most of southern Africa. The United Nations estimates that more than 11 million people now face crisis levels of food insecurity in…

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Associations crucial for growing exports

“If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” This adage aptly captures a key strategy that will drive the country’s exports, particularly small-scale players.

There is growing realisation that small businesses and smallholder farmers play an important role in the economy and development of communities.

Apart from contributing to economic activities, these small businesses also have the potential to export their products and services.


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South Africa's agriculture is vulnerable to rising temperatures.

There’s an assumption in the agricultural industry that the yields and prices of crops will vary according to local conditions as well as supply and demand in local and international markets. As a result, farmers understand that not every year will be profitable but over the long run, all things being equal, the good years should outnumber the bad.

But is climate variability and risk changing?

The answer is…

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Characterization of mixed farms - Chapter 1

Many farmers in tropical and temperate countries survive by managing a mix of different crops and/or animals. The best known form of mixed farming is when crop residues are used to feed the animals and the excreta from the animals are used as…

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