Smallholder Farmers Can Use Blockchain Technology Solution For Their Planning Actual Market Demand-based Productions

Smallholder farmers will be able to use a blockchain technology solution for planning their actual market demand-based productions.

FarmCredibly is a Jamaican tech company who has the solution for the smallholder farmers. Building track records of productions of the smallholder farmers is a purpose behind the solution.

Farmers were encouraged 10 years ago for using mobile applications by the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at FarmCredibly Varun Baker. Farms related works could be documented and records could be kept through mobile applications. Most farmers showed unwillingness for using online devices during that time.

Blockchain technology is an open and decentralized ledger technology. It was created for a cryptocurrency called Bitcoin at the first. Every node can participate in verifications methods in the blockchain. Data and information in the blockchain are time-stamped.

The Jamaican tech company FarmCredibly took part in an annual competition called AgriHack competition in the year 2018. The Technical Centre for Agricultural and Rural Cooperation (CTA) is a combined international institution of the African, Caribbean, and Pacific (ACP) who has organized the AgriHack competition. FarmCredibly were among the 2018 AgriHack winners.

FarmCredibly was established in the year 2018. It is located in St.Andrew, Kingston. Simplifying financial services for those farmers who have no access to banks or any other financial organizations, they are productive, but willing to be more productive is a purpose of FarmCredibly. Empowering creditors so that they can minimize risks while issuing loans and insurance is one more purpose of FarmCredibly, according to the official LinkedIn account of FarmCredibly.

FarmCredibly CEO Varun Baker has a deep understanding in fields like business communications, operational management, and software engineering. He is the co-founder of a civic tech non-profit company called SlashRoots Foundation. The company focuses on optimizing technology for the development of solutions for social problems. Governments, development organizations, and civil society are the areas where SlashRoots Foundation works, according to the official LinkedIn account of Varun Baker.

Varun Baker said, “Our strength is in technology and one big part that excites me about now and the future is the adoption of blockchain technology which can be a complicated subject for people. In our pitch, we simplified the value in using blockchain which is in enforcing the integrity in information,” Freshplaza reported.

Image credit: Simon Allen from Pixabay